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A new beginning at Micklewell Park, Daventry

Moving from a bustling city to a quiet place in an attractive rural setting, Hobie, an ex-Londoner recently became a first-time homeowner of a lovely two-bedroom house at Micklewell Park.

Before his big move, Hobie was renting a small studio apartment in London and had been saving up for years to afford a deposit for his dream home. However, the steep house prices in London led him to widen his search and explore other areas. Ultimately, he found himself drawn to the Midlands.

After a long day of scouting properties in Daventry without any luck, Hobie stumbled upon Micklewell Park on the way to his last viewing. Intrigued, he decided to take a closer look and fell in love with our charming 2-bedroom house, The Holly. Without hesitation, he reserved his home the very next day!

He says: “The Holly's layout impressed me with its potential for a fresh start and space to personalise. The Orbit team gave me the much-needed support throughout the process, and I appreciated their prompt assistance whenever I had a concern.”

At Orbit Homes, you get more value for your money, as all our new homes have integrated kitchen appliances, flooring, turf, patio area, and fencing to the rear garden – all included as standard!

Furthermore, new build homes are more energy efficient than older properties and Hobie himself has experienced the benefits of this first hand, sharing that his latest gas and electric bill was nearly £100 less compared to when he was renting a studio apartment.

Hobie says he is very happy with his decision to move to Micklewell Park and become a homeowner. He also offers some advice to fellow first-time buyers who may find it challenging to save up for a deposit. “As a single person, it can be a bit tougher saving to get to the magic number for your deposit but don’t give up, there’s plenty of hope!”

We are delighted to welcome Hobie to the growing new community at Micklewell Park. Situated on the northern outskirts of Daventry, the new development offers a superb range of 1 and 2-bed apartments and 2,3,4 and 5-bed houses. Our Marketing Suite is open daily from 10am to 5pm. Find out more HERE