Your shared ownership myths: de-bunked

You’ve heard you can get onto the property ladder from as little as a 25% deposit using the Shared Ownership scheme.


But here’s the problem, you hear some unsettling myths that makes it all seem too good to be true. What if we told you these problems were only myths and common misconceptions, and you really can move into your own home with only 25% deposit?

Read on, as we debunk some common myths surrounding the world of Shared Ownership.

First, what is Shared Ownership?

In a nutshell, Shared Ownership allows you to buy a percentage of your new home (usually 25%-75%) and pay a subsidised rent on the remaining share. This makes Shared Ownership a more affordable option for many people who are keen to get onto the property ladder.


Misconception – “Buying through Shared Ownership means I may have to share with someone.”

Explained - You don’t have to share your home with anyone. The scheme allows you to buy a share in a property, paying a mortgage on the share you own and rent on the remainder to a housing provider (for example, Orbit).

Misconception – “I will never actually own my own home”

Explained – There is a process known as ‘Staircasing’, which allows you to buy more shares in your property. Buying more shares means you can stair case up to own 100% of your property. It’s completely up to you when you choose to buy more shares, making Shared Ownership a more affordable way to own your home.

Misconception – “I can’t sell a Shared Ownership home”

Explained – If you wish to sell your home, then just keep in mind these two simple steps:

  1. Contact us; we’re here to help. We will offer support in selling your home and take you through what needs to happen and when. Time frames of when your home needs to be sold will be outlined in your lease.
  2. If we do not sell your home in this period of time, you are able to advertise your property, either privately or through an estate agent.

Misconception – “I can’t decorate my home – as I am still renting”

Explained – This is not true - you are the homeowner and you are free to decorate your home however you wish, so go ahead and design your dream home! Larger renovations may require permission from us, but this will all be explained within your lease agreement. Shared Ownership gives you more control in getting on the property ladder and owning your perfect home in a more affordable way.


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