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Shared ownership: your home, your way…

Have you been living in your older sibling’s room that you never got round to decorating? Or the box room that no amount of paint could brighten up? Or maybe you’ve been renting and staring at the same beige walls for too long?


If you’ve been dreaming of decorating your home exactly how you want it, but it doesn’t seem feasible to get onto the property ladder – then Shared Ownership is perfect for you.


What is Shared Ownership?

Shared Ownership provides an affordable way for you to take that first step onto the property ladder; you simply buy a share in a new home and pay a subsidised rent on the remaining share.

The initial share you buy will usually be between 25% and 75% of the full purchase price and is tailored to suit your circumstances, meaning it is not only affordable for you now, but in the future too.

We want all our customers to feel at home, so whether you’re buying your new home outright or through shared ownership, you get the same privileges, including designing your own home the way you want.

After all, your rooms should inspire you and most importantly, make you feel at home.


So I can decorate my Shared Ownership home?

Yes! It doesn’t matter if you want to paint your kitchen bright green or cover your bedroom in leopard print wallpaper, once you have bought your share from as little as 25%, you can decorate to your heart’s content!

If you want to decorate your new home, you don’t need to inform us. You can even carry out some maintenance work and repairs as well!

If you want to carry out larger home improvements, you will need to gain permission from us; this would include things like fitting a new kitchen, adding a new bathroom, structural improvements (knocking walls down) or adding an extension.

However, this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to carry out these home improvements. We ask you to gain permission to help benefit yourself, as you improve your home the value of your home might increase, therefore this will be taken into account if/when you decide to buy more shares in your home at a later date.


Discover how our customers, Jessie and Alex, felt when they visited our show home:  

 “…as we walked into the Show Home it felt like we were at home!”


How do I find out more about Shared Ownership?

We have a wealth of information available for you to discover more about Shared Ownership. Find out if Shared Ownership is right for you or search our Shared Ownership properties to see the options we have for you in the Midlands, South and East regions.


Read our Shared Ownership guide for even more information.