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Orbit is always looking for new opportunities to work with land owners and agents, housing providers, developers and local authorities.

Our mission

Our mission is to build more homes for our customers to meet demand – but we can’t do it alone. Together with our experience and expertise, we’re able to deliver a wide range of products and services because of the strong relationships we’ve established with our partners.

Orbit is always looking for new opportunities to work with land owners and agents, housing providers, developers, and local authorities. Highly-skilled in land acquisition, construction and regeneration, project management, and sales and marketing, we believe we should be your partner of choice.

Explore the areas below to find out more about what we have to offer.

Landowners and agents

Orbit is a residential developer that builds and sells homes, and we acquire land direct from vendors and agents.

Our dedicated land buying and planning team ensures we make the most of every opportunity, from the very early stages through to difficult planning processes and site development.

We are always looking for new opportunities to purchase land from owners and agents, and are keen to build long-term relationships with you.

Through strong working relationships we can effectively manage the design and build to deliver efficient and timely projects, with maximum value for money. We encourage the opportunity to share risk and reward in our partnerships with you.

We offer:

  • Opportunities to sell us your land – we need more land to meet our ambitious development aspirations, and are in a strong financial position to do so.
  • Transparent and straight-forward land acquisitions – we offer commitment and an open approach to all of our agreements.
  • Long-term strategic land promotion – we can work in partnership with you to drive and deliver the best results for all parties.

Housing providers

As part of one of the largest housing providers in the country, we understand and recognise your needs. We have a wealth of housing development and management experience and have worked with a number of providers.

Delivering your development programme can be resource-hungry and complex – Orbit has the experience and resources to provide the services you need.

We offer:

  • Development services – we can provide design, planning and construction services to get your development off the ground.
  • Sales and marketing – we can offer advice on your initial set-up, provide specific site or property reports, manage your sales delivery and provide bespoke consultancy services.
  • Open market sales – we can construct and sell homes on your behalf, or operate as a joint venture partnership to deliver market sale homes.


We are committed to delivering high-quality homes, and have successfully worked with many national developers to collaborate on new build opportunities.

We can work with you in a number of ways including purchasing Section 106 units on a development as part of an upfront agreement for large scale/long term sites, or taking a joint venture approach to deliver a project.

We have completed joint ventures with a wide range of public and private organisations to achieve maximum benefit, and encourage the opportunity to share risk and reward in all our partnerships.

We offer:

  • Affordable homes – we can buy and manage affordable homes on your development, and can also support your planning and negation for the site.
  • Joint venture partnerships – we can work with you to deliver a mixed-tenure scheme, forming a special-purpose vehicle or simply purchasing serviced land plots.
  • Investment – we can provide cash investment for your development, which could be used for site infrastructure development or to assist with scheme cash flow.


Local authorities

Orbit has a range of experience working and engaging with local authorities to deliver affordable housing. We can offer a number of services to bring your plans to fruition, and assist you in delivering your own new build housing options.

We retain a long-term interest in all of our developments and look to forge long-lasting relationships with local stakeholders. Orbit is committed to building not just properties, but communities, and our social purpose means that our profits are reinvested into supporting and improving the communities in which we develop.

We offer:

  • Independent living with care development – we can design and build independent living with care developments on your behalf. Depending on your requirements, we can also manage the scheme.
  • Project management – we can offer design, feasibility studies, on-site monitoring and quality control, procurement channels, project management, and sales and marketing services.
  • Regeneration – making use of our vast experience, we can offer design, build and funding support, management of decant programmes, public consultation, and social and economic community development.
  • Land buying – we are always looking for new opportunities to buy land from local authorities, and will work with you to ensure good financial returns for both of us.


Development case studies

We've showcased just a few of our key developments and partnerships across the Midlands, East and South East below.


Discover more case studies here, or check out one of our independent living development partnerships in the video below, where you'll hear from some of our customers on how moving into Tithe Lodge has already made a profound difference to their lives.



We've also launched an interactive map of Erith Park, allowing you to explore the story behind Orbit's award-winning regeneration scheme. To start exploring, use the pink pins on the map to learn fast facts and check out the highlights, or dig deeper through the blue pins for more in-depth details on the story behind Erith Park. 


Stakeholder news

For all our latest development news and successes, please click here.


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To get in touch about partnership opportunities please contact us on Twitter @orbitgroup

If you're interested in selling us your land, please click here to find out more.



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