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Make your new Beginning with Orbit

Thinking of buying your first home in 2019? If you are still on the fence, here’s a few reasons why buying a new build could be the start of your best year yet…

1. Investment

Buying your own home means you’re not spending your well earned income on rent that you don’t see a return on. By investing money into your home you are building equity, this can be done whilst paying off your mortgage, renovating the inside of your home, adding curb appeal, as well as waiting for your home’s value to rise.

2. New beginnings

The process of buying your first home can be daunting, but don’t stress as we’ve got a friendly sales team to personally help you throughout the entire journey. From legal fees to paying deposits, the process can seem frightening, but we will make sure that you enjoy your exciting move into your new home.

3. Have a painting party

They say you know when you’ve found your dream home when you start decorating the home before you’ve even moved in! Buying a home means you have no landlords telling you what you can and can’t do meaning you can decorate uniquely to how you want it. Whether you want to fill your home with glitz and glam or have a whole room dedicated to your dog. Do it, It’s yours.

4. You can still have a social life

When saving for a house deposit the first thing everybody (your parents), tell you to give up is your social life… However, what if we tell you this is not true? With the Shared Ownership scheme you need a smaller deposit FROM AS LITTLE AS 25% as you are buying a smaller percentage of the house. Meaning you can still afford to get to that New Years party after all.



5. It’s your own place!

No more awkward 3am tip toes past your parent’s bedroom because you’re craving toast, you can do your own thing whenever you want.

6. Build up your score

Being a Homeowner who ensures repayments are made on time can improve your credit profile. This can help you out when you look to move in the future, buy a new car, taking out a loan, getting lower interest rates, the benefits are endless.  


7. It’s all wrapped up

Orbit’s new builds come ready to move into with Bosch eco-friendly and energy efficient appliances, we have chosen appliance’s with energy efficiency in mind to make sure your home is perfect to suit your lifestyle.

8. Shared Ownership

Don’t worry, our Shared Ownership scheme doesn’t mean you have to share your home with anybody, it simply allows you to part buy, part rent making it an affordable first step on the property ladder. Meaning you can buy more shares at a later date when your financial situation changes. So rest assured- shared ownership does not mean sharing with a weird housemate.

9. Blank canvas

Why buy new? There’s horrifying stories of moving into an old home only to find the last owners dentures in the bathroom cupboard! When you buy a new build home you are the first person to live there, and with Orbit you can personalise your home even before you move in, with options to change the kitchen, flooring and bathroom. Just one of the ways our friendly sales team can help you build your dream home!

10. Be more like Nicole

You could even save money by buying a house, Nicole proved this when she bought a home though Shared Ownership in The Hazel’s Development giving her the freedom and social life she had previously dreamed of.

“Before I moved to The Hazels, I was renting the best property I could afford. Even with maintenance charges, mortgage and rent here, I am still £80 a month better off in my shiny, new, two bedroom house than I was in a tiny maisonette with no direct garden access.  Here, I have loads of space a second double bedroom and there’s plenty of room for my friends to come round with their dogs.”

As one of the UK’s leading housing providers, we own and manage a growing portfolio of more than 40,000 homes. We deliver around 1,700 new properties to market per year and post-2020 we aim to expand our offer, developing more than 2,000 properties every year as we play a key role in meeting the country’s housing shortage.

For more information on our beautiful range of properties visit our website or call 0845 600 4072

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