Move Easy*

We can take the stress of moving by selling your home for you and allow you enough time to move into your new home with our Move Easy scheme.

Help is at hand to make your MOVE EASY.

Do you want to purchase one of our beautiful homes, but you have an existing home to sell? Then our Move Easy scheme may just be the answer.

Reserve one of our qualifying properties today and you could be on your way to living in your dream home quicker than you think.

How our Move Easy scheme works:
What you need to do
•    Select your new home, complete a reservation form and pay a reservation deposit.
•    Sign a copy of the Move Easy form confirming your acceptance of the full terms and conditions that will apply.
•    Agree with the valuation provided by the local estate agent.

What Orbit will do to help you;
•    Organise a valuation of your property with local recommended Estate Agents
•    Discuss the marketing valuation with you and suggest a range of prices for consideration.
•    On agreement of the valuation, we will instruct the agent(s) to commence marketing.
•    We will then remove our new home from the market and allow you 6 weeks to obtain a sale with a completed chain.

Once a buyer for your home is found our Sales Consultant will:

•    Liaise with the Agents and Solicitors to ensure the legal process is started
•    Ensure the matter progresses as swiftly as possible to match the anticipated New Home Build Completion date.
•    On completion Orbit will pay the Estate Agents fees in accordance with this agreement.

What are you waiting for, talk to our Sales Consultant today.

  • To proceed with our assistance you need to agree to the following terms & conditions and sign and date this document. A copy will be provided for your retention. This offer is only available on certain plots.
  • The use of our Move Easy Scheme is dependent on you purchasing one of our New Homes and proceeding to a legal completion on the New Home.
  • As part of this process we will instruct one or two agents local to you to give a recommended marketing price and a forecast selling price around which offers will be made. We will determine which agent or agents are used and they will report their proposals to us which we will then discuss with you and agree if you want to proceed.
  • Subject to having completed your reservation form and paid your reservation deposit and we have agreed a proposed marketing price for your property, the New Home will be removed from the market and you will be given 6 weeks to secure a buyer and/or a completed chain of buyers. Once you do have a complete chain or buyer, we will then commence the sale process by notifying the solicitors.
  • You must not have any other agent instructed to sell your property at the same time, if you currently have an agent then you will need to terminate contractual obligations with them. We will only be responsible for the fees by any agent instructed by us. Any other agent fees or costs will be your full responsibility.
  • The appointed agent(s) will require you to provide reasonable access to your existing home. If this is not provided we reserve the right to cancel this agreement at anytime.
  • Subject to this matter (your existing home) and our (New Home) proceeding to a full legal completion, the appointed agents fees and VAT will be met by this company in full.
  • Should no buyer be found for your property within the 6 weeks period, we may discuss with you other options or proposals. The alternative will be that we may cancel this agreement and place the New Home back on the market. In this instance your reservation fee will be returned in full.
  • In the event of either party withdrawing from this agreement, but you subsequently sell to someone that had been introduced by the appointed agent (or within 6 months after such introduction) you will be responsible for the agents fees in full.
  • Should your New Home reservation be cancelled on either side after solicitors have been instructed by us, please note on the reservation form the amount that will be deducted to cover our costs, any balance will then be returned to you.
  • Please read these terms and conditions in conjunction with the reservation form terms and conditions.


*Available on selected market sale properties only. Subject to scheme specific units and home types and may not be available on a property you select, ask our sales staff for availability and terms & conditions that may apply.

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